Nicholas believes we must continue to provide an enhanced and safe learning environment for our children. With over twelve years of experience and dedicated service to the Los Nietos School District. Nicholas is endorsed by numerous local elected officials including Congresswoman Linda Sanchez. His plans and goals for the school district include:

Site Safety for All Schools
To ensure all campuses are secure from outside influences

Additional Enrichment Programs
Increased Math & Science programs for middle schools. In addition, encouraged administrators to utilize programming that allowed students to explore areas of interest. For example, introduction to robotics and performing arts.

Government Partnerships
Facilitated a Joint Use Agreement with the County of Los Angeles to build a $7 million Community Library at the Los Nietos Middle School at no cost to the district or community

Nicholas is also a proud volunteer and financial supporter of many student and community events in Los Nietos, including:

  • Los Nietos School District 150th Celebration
  • Read Across America
  • CIMI Field Trip to Catalina Island
  • Battle of the Books
  • Los Nietos Band & Choir
  • Washington D.C. & NYC Field Trips
  • Finalized plans to build a $7 million Community Library in partnership with Los Angeles County
  • Annually sponsored a holiday Feed the Family Program for Los Nietos Families


Upgraded School Facilities

  • Nicholas endorsed and supported the passage of Measure M and Measure E and N.
  • Measure M was the first bond measure in the history of Los Nietos School District.
  • Measure E and N passed in 2014 provides upgraded facilities and technology at all of our schools.
  • Nicholas established procedural guidelines to make sure all bond money would be used for facility upgrades.

Installed Speed Bumps

  • Nicholas coordinated and secured government approval and funding for speed bumps to be installed in front of two schools in the Los Nietos School District.

Raised Funding for Students

  • Nicholas founded the SELAC Educational Foundation to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students.
  • SELAC provided funding to provide for an 8th grade class field trip to Washington D.C. and New York City.

Dedicated Attendance

  • Nicholas has attended every school board meeting over the past 12 years.
  • His perfect attendance record has allowed him to provide valuable input on school-related issues.

Ensured the Approval of a $7 million Community Library

  • Nicholas facilitated a Joint Use Agreement with the County of Los Angeles to build a state of the art Community Library on the Los Nietos Middle School Campus.
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