Cushioning the Ride: “Speed cushions” to target speedy drivers

Christian Smith sheepishly admits he’s gotten a ticket for speeding on Rivera Road, the east-west street that runs in front of his house and the 600-student Los Nietos Middle School.

That’s because for years, Rivera Road has offered motorists a tempting shortcut between Norwalk and Pioneer boulevards  an easy way to avoid the heavy traffic on nearby Slauson Avenue.

But school officials say a new set of “speed cushions” being installed now along Rivera Road – along with more 25 mph speed-limit signs and school-cluster signs to remind drivers of the school up ahead  should help curb some of those problems. And the road has also been designated as a radar route, county officials said.

“This street was obviously a danger for kids,” said Smith, 37, who lives across from Los Nietos Middle. “l had kind of hoped the bumps would run all the way across the street, instead ofjust in sections. But I think it’s about time something was done.”

The $25,000 trafñc-calming project marked the end of a years-long effort by the Los Nietos School District and Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Mo|ina’s office. It comes about a year after the two initially collaborated to install speed cushions – which are wider and more subtle than typical speed bumps – on the street in front of Aeolian Elementary School.

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